Press Release #11

18. 10. 11

After 18 months of intensive planning we will soon begin our long journey to Ducie Island. This is a team effort and you are part of the team. Please help us to work you by reviewing this important information. 

  1. 1. You can follow our progress as we sail to and from Ducie Island. Tracking will be available on Oct. 16th as we depart Mangareva.
  2. 2. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook - updated from the ship and island.
  3. 3. As time permits, we’ll send Press Releases to the DX-bulletins and upload photos to from the island.
  4. 4. Your only email route to VP6D is through the pilot team.
  5. 5. The pilots do not have the logs. Please don’t ask them about NiL, busted calls, skeds, etc.
    Do send them helpful suggestions.
  6. 6. There is no access to personal email while on the ship or on the island.
  7. 7. The log will be uploaded daily, OQRS will be available at shortly after we leave the island.
  8. 8. The process for reporting busted / missing QSOs will be available when OQRS opens.
  9. 9. We are uploading the log only to - there is no Leaderboard.
  10. 10. We plan to use WSJT-X Version 1.9.1 as a Fox on all bands except 160 where we will not use DX-pedition mode. VP6D FT8 operating guidelines posted at
  11. 11. DXA at will update about 3 minutes after your contact. Check here to see if you are in our log.
  12. 12. The log may show FT8 dupes even if you didn’t dupe us, we will resolve dupes after the DX-pedition.
  13. 13. Thanks to Lance W7GJ our plan to activate 6m EME is a first for Ducie Island.

There will be at least 3 DX-peditions operating from the Pacific during Oct/Nov. Ensure you are in the correct pileup for the DX you are trying to work. If you see your contact on VP6D’s DXA that contact is in our log.

Please consider a donation at to help offset the team’s significant investment to put Ducie Island on the air. Those who process a donation on before we sail on 16 October will receive their LoTW confirmation while we’re on the island.

We wish everyone the best of luck in getting in the log, we’ll do our best to get you the Qs you want.

Team Ducie – 2018


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