VP6D Log Merge and Audit Complete

18. 11. 13

We have completed the merge and audit of all the VP6D logs. As you probably know, we experienced some challenges when N1MM and WSJT didn't play well with each other.

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FT-8 & DXA

18. 10. 23

A slight glitch with software speaking to each other.

There is an issue with FT-8 & DXA meshing the QSOs as they are logged. There are no lost FT-8 QSO's that we can determine. We are successfully uploading ALL QSO's to our logserch application. Check for your QSO via our logsearch, be mindful of the last upload time that is clearly visible: www.vp6d.com/index.php/logsearch-oqrs 

Press Release #11

18. 10. 11

After 18 months of intensive planning we will soon begin our long journey to Ducie Island. This is a team effort and you are part of the team. Please help us to work you by reviewing this important information. 

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Press Release #10

18. 09. 26

We are excited to announce the availability of DXA during VP6D.  Bob Schmieder KK6EK of Cordell Expeditions offered the use of DXA and we gladly accepted. 

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FT8 Operating Guidelines

18. 09. 26

FT-8 Guidance for working VP6D
WSJT-X Fox / Hound

Version 2.3

We are asking everyone to follow these guidelines for calling VP6D on FT-8. You will get through faster by using these simple guidelines:

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18. 09. 20

Hello 6m DXers!

As you have undoubtedly heard, VP6D is planning to be QRV on 6m EME starting next month. EME CNDX look relatively good every day of their trip, and the days after October 30 include the best days of the month (lowest Degradation) for EME.

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